Monday, March 26, 2012

Rex chasing Annette and Cheryl out of the starting gates.

Secretary of State Debra Bowen has randomly drawn letters from the alphabet for candidates ballot placement. In the 1st District Race the first name on the ballot will be Annette DeModena, then Cheryl Seidner then Rex Bohn. In a race with three candidates, that can mean a 5% boost for Annette.

In the 3nd District, Mark Lovelace will be first on the ballot and then Karen Brooks.

In the 2nd District it will be Clif Clendenen first, then Estelle Fennell.

This is something each campaign has no control of. Luck of the draw. May the best person win in the end!   


Anonymous said...

Richard, we must ban together with our support for Rex. Enough with the regressive candidates, especially the Indian. Rex is the man for the job.

samoasoftball said...

I am sure Cheryl would prefer "Native American" as would I.

Anonymous said...

Ms. DeModena identifies as a Tea Party Republican, hardly a "regressive candidate," and I believe her background is Italian, not from India.

Richard Mostranski said...

That is good news for Annette. I would also like say that in no shape or form is Annette a part of the Tea Party. This has been a rumor floating out there for some time and needs to be addressed. I have been Annette's campaign manager since December 2011 and would not help her if she was aligned with that organization. That was also the same with Ryan Sundberg. And for all you Tea Party people out there--when you send a questionnaire via registered mail, please look at your content for 48 questions is way over the limit.
so now, if you all want to attack Annette please come up with something more substantial and true.

Let the new game begin!