Wednesday, January 25, 2012

650 Students in Southern Humboldt will be without home to school transportation in the near future. The cuts equals $1,800 per student a year. Can't the Southern Humboldt MJ Growers kick down what they should be paying in state and federal taxes directly to the School Districts to help with the shortfall? Greedy ass holes won't even help their own fire districts! Start a foundation to help the kids. Want to make money off the Rural land but not help the rural children? Shame on you!

It could be worse though, in the Death Valley Unified School District has to spend $3,500 per student. Don't think they grow as much dope there. Nothing grows except scrub brush.


Kym said...

In the past year, the "greedy" folk of Southern Humboldt voted an extra tax on themselves, Measure L, to build new schools. Before that, they voted an extra tax to help their hospital. I don't know where you get your figures on our fire district but I know that my community has fine fire trucks and fine volunteers. Most of the watersheds down here do. The community just this last year has raised money to pay for an extra teacher and does a lot more to support their schools.We have incredible non-profits supported strongly by growers and non-growers alike. The inflated property values marijuana brings to the area brings money to our schools, too. Yes, there are SOME people who do not pay income taxes but there are many who do.

Over the years, the state has forced the closure of small community schools and forced some kids to ride 2 hours one way to get to school. Now, the Governor pulled the rug out from busing after the local schools don't exist. Is that fair? And is it fair to blame the people who live in these areas?

Normally, I respect you but calling the people of Southern Humboldt "greedy assholes" is bigoted, rude and false.

Anonymous said...

I agree, whining because they want to live out remotely in nature, but not suffer any of the repercussions -- such as driving their kids to school. If they can afford to drive to Sacramento, I think they can afford the consequences of their lifestyle choices.

Anonymous said...

Kym, wasn't it your "community" that voted down the legalization of marijuana? Check your precincts. Hell, you folks even outdid the Mormon neighborhoods. Hasn't that been attributed to the fact that legalization would lead to the collapse of pot pricing? "Greedy assholes" is an understatement. And you're either complicit or prone to severe bouts of fantasy.

Kids in urban areas from Fresno to Oakland are behind bars because the real criminals, your community, sells dope to these poor kids under the ridiculous guise of "medicine" ... That makes you at least a liar... We all know your "medicine" is shipped nationwide, thus constitutionally it is clearly a federal issue, and guess what federal law states? Your "community" is a morally bankrupt collection of tax cheats, complainers, and criminal black market profiteers.

You call Richard a bigot? I realize things are pretty hazy in your little world, but what is truly bigoted is your community selling its "medicine" to black urban youth while the overwhelmingly white population of inherited land owners reap the profits. Your kind of bigot, the ones you romanticize in your scribbles, is all to happy to watch the community around him burn to the ground so long as he reaps the profit. Look at the environmental impact that you manage to overlook. Look at the caseload for child protective services in your "community" and take a good hard look at those "some" people who don't contribute a damn thing back. You cite the growers inflating property values? Are you so high and disconnected from reality that you think that's a good thing? Have you left your little bubble and seen whats going on the wider world? You live rural and expect other people to pay for a more urbanized level of service? Kym, please, its time to grow up. Its time to sober up. Have you even given that a try?

Kym said...

Late night blog spats are probably something I will regret in the morning. But...Hey, ho!

Anon1- Country folk pay taxes that go for things they don't use such as crosswalk guards for city folk's kids and that is a good thing. I want your kids to be strong and healthy and educated. Can't you want the same for country folk?

Anon2-the Sohum community voted down Prop 19 against my strong stand for it. Those who did so were wrong in my opinion. But they did so for a myriad of reasons not solely because it was tied to their pocketbooks (though that certainly was a factor.)

You may not feel that marijuana functions as a medicine but the makers of Sativex which is poised to get FDA approval sometime soon disagree. Certainly though, many people who claim medical use do so simply to enjoy the relaxation that others get from the legal drug alcohol.

Yes, as I point out frequently on my blog, illegal marijuana grows can be environmentally damaging. There are bad results from illegalizing (that should be a word) a natural herbal pleasure. Inflated property values, like most things in life, have both negative and positive results. I pointed out that marijuana does contribute to the school system in a very direct way.

Growers are not one kind of person. There are responsible ones and irresponsible ones. My guess is that you know and respect some of the responsible ones and don't have a clue what they do. Lumping the sins of some onto the backs of all is a mistake. Forcing SoHum children to find their own way to school may satisfy some perverse need to punish people different than you but regardless how I feel about your lifestyle choices, I would never punish your children for them.

Kym said...
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Anonymous said...

Time to sober up Kym. Its pretty evident from your disjointed ramblings that you've been spending too much time in the woods. You pay for our crosswalk guards? No, you don't pay for our crosswalk guards. We pay for your buses, and soon we wont be. You do have a basic understanding of how the schools are financed, where most property taxes are paid, and why the Governor is cutting the bus... right? I suspect you and your "community" are mostly upset because now you might not be able to sleep in, but think of it this way: You'll get great cardio in the morning lifting your fat little children into your lifted trucks.

Your community voted down marijuana legalization for a "myriad" of reasons outside of the fact that it would bankrupt them? Earth to Kym, time to put down the water pipe. Earth to Kym..... Hello?

Sativex is pill that will get you high. Oxycontin is a pill that will get you high. Vicodin is a pill that will get you high......

My god, the rest of your post isn't even proper english....

You want a school bus to come pick up your kids Kym? Pay for it like everyone else. Simple as that Kym. Stop using marijuana as a crutch and stand up for yourself. Stand up for your community. Stop trying to force everyone else around you to pick up the tab for your lifestyle.

samoasoftball said...

Kym: I didn't call the general population in Southern Humboldt "greedy assholes" I only meant that for the irresponsible growers who have no regard for the environment or care to help school districts and fire districts in need of help. Go talk to your fire district and they will tell you of the hard financial hardship to have fine fire trucks and volunteers.

The Governor signed legislation that was authored by the Assembly Budget Committee in the form of AB 121 (Chesbro and Huffman are members of the budget committee) and this bill was voted on by Noreen Evans, Chesbro and Huffman. Don't lay ALL the blame on Jerry!

Kym said...

Anonymous, My kids don't go to a public school. We live so far from the town that our community formed its own school and we take no money from the government to provide our kids with an education. But, I see the value in other people's kids getting an education.

I was going to take each point in these posts and rebut them but when I came to the fat kids insult and compared the comment with the fact that all three of my sons are quite slender and handsome, I realized that I was wasting all of our time. People who resort to comments like this aren't worth the trouble of typing out responses.

Richard, I do talk to my volunteer fire members. I'm quite proud of them and the beautiful equipment our community has provided for them.

I do know that the Governor is not the only person responsible for the trigger cuts and I should have said he and those like him. Nonetheless, to the best of my knowledge, Chesbro and Evans are attempting to remedy the situation. On Tuesday, we'll see what the Governor does.

Cinnamon O'Neill Paula said...

Bus Stop To Nowhere-
Southern Humboldt Chapter
We are Californians from the Southern Humboldt County region who see the latest State School transportation cuts as the further demise of public education in our state. If we continue to let someone else fix this problem, we will have no public schools left in California other than possibly in the more densely populated areas. It is now or never to take a last stand to keep our public education system equally available to all of the children in this state. Don't let the state limit an education to only those who have their own vehicle. We want education to thrive, not starve!

Please help us to support SB81 by writing, calling, or emailing the Governor and let him know that he must restore home-to-school transportation!

And to all you people who think that all of us in Southern Humboldt live high on the hog in lala land, you are severely mistaken. We are people, we live pay check to pay check, we are families, we are fighting for all children in California. This trigger cut affects many schools in rural California. I will drive my kids to school if there are no buses, but i am fighting for those children who do not have dedicated or financially comfortable parents.

Anonymous said...

You have to admit it is kind of funny that folks who are rallying in Sacramento are the ones who have an abundance of time and money on their hands because they grow and sell marijuana and pay next to zero in taxes.

Ask not what California can do for you, ask what you can do for California.

Anonymous said...

The growers don't care. Kym can try and put a positive spin on it but we all know it comes down to money. The vast majority of growers have no interest in giving back to the community.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks but your #s are not enough to justify busses. Try carpooling(which you should already be doing) or move. We are not entitled to live anywhere without consequences or I doubt as many of us would live in city's. Welcome to the real world.I don't care what they voted got the fact is few work "over the table" jobs in sohum that costs the state tax revenues plus costs more since they then qualify for government assistance,while growing.

Anonymous said...

Where was Cliff Clendenan in all this saw Estelle didnt see or hear from cliff