Friday, November 25, 2011

Thompson gifts Warren Buffett 750 million dollars of public monies?

First, let me preface that I want the Dams removed from the Klamath. I want PacificCorp to pay for this.

In 1911 California Oregon Power Company started building 4 dams on the Upper Klamath river. For years Indian tribes and Commercial Fisherman have demanded removal in hopes of revitalizing fish runs. There is a tentative pact that will theoretically allow for farmers to retain water rights for irrigation in Oregon. The deal is a collaborative legislation between Congressman Thompson and Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

Here is my problem with this pact. The cost for removal is 1 Billion dollars! PacificCorp is to pay 250 million dollars and Thompson and Merkley want the Federal Government to pay 500 million! Then Thompson and Merkley say the remaining balance will be covered by "non federal sources." It will actually come from California Taxpayers through a chunk of a 11.1 billion dollar state water bond that is scheduled to be on the ballot next year. There will be no gain of our usable water supply in California with the removal of the dams. What is the rational? Improved runs on the Klamath will offset losses of habitat in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta. (According to Sacramento Bee writer Dan Walters)

So basically, instead of waiting for PacificCorp to remove the dams on their dime, Warren Buffet is benefiting with a gift of 750 million dollars total of your taxpayer dollars. Yeah, he really needs more money. And Thompson gets credit for helping fishing habitat in his new district in the Sacramento valley!

And Thompson wants a vote for Huffman? No thanks, Solomon for Congress!


Anonymous said...

Virginia & Matt won't appreciate this enforcement Richard

Rose said...

You know, those Klamath Dam negotiations went on for YEARS without anyone caring one whit. NOW people are getting agitated?

Fred Mangels said...

I came to the conclusion while reading about this in the SacBee yesterday it would make more sense to just install fish ladders, even if the state or feds pay for it, than to pay a billion dollars to remove the dams.

Fred Mangels said...

BTW; The Santa Rosa Press- Democrat ran an editorial yesterday praising the dam removal agreement. No surprise there, but they also give the impression all parties involved are behind it.

A guy from Oregon commented that polls taken from the Klamath Basin show 70 to 82% opposed to the plan.

And you also have to wonder: If the farmers are in support of this agreement- I believe Thompson said they'd get all their water under it- where is that water gonna go from if the dams aren't there? They going to get to drain some other river dry?

Fred Mangels said...

Oh, a link to the editorial:

Rose said...

Warren's dying to pay more in taxes, maybe he can just pay for the fish ladders instead. :)

He won't do either. But, it's a nice thought.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the tribes pony up some money? It's a major benefit for their religion.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...I bet Buffett wants a little more cash so that he can join the other rich people in paying more taxes. Another Obama buddy gettin' rich off the government while telling us it is all for us little people and the fish. What a joke.