Thursday, October 06, 2011

Viet Nam Vet Carlos Giovanneti passes on. 37 year Pulp Mill worker. Only 558,000 Nam vets left?

Carlos Giovanetti passed away this past Monday. Loving referred to as a "Waspahoe" by his co-workers, he was actually of Italian and Tolowa Dee-ni' Native American ancestry. Carlos always said what he felt, even when the recipient might not appreciate it. He was always looking for public banter at work. He was a very competent operator and who knew the bleach plant well.

Carlos was a Viet Nam veteran that is fast becoming extinct. Out of the original 2.7 men and women who fought there, only about 558,000 remain with us. And as of the year 2000, 390 vets from that war die a day! Carlos and I had deep angry discussions about faith and Soldiers that died in Nam. Things happened over there that I just could not relate to.

Carlos was a great athlete who never bragged about his accomplishments and he loved to spectate at football, baseball, volleyball and softball games. He loved his family. What more can one say. I will miss him.


Tapperass said...

I worked with Carlos's wife, and his daughter a few years back. My friend Pops knew him from his mill days. We are all very sad today. He will be missed so much.

skippy said...

Thank you for honoring Mr. Giovanetti, Richard. I didn't know him, but now I know a little bit more.

rick mitchell said...

RIP Carlos. And Thank You for your service to our country!!!