Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Road Rage attack in Fairhaven! Sand Dwellers gots the anger!

I received a Neighborhood Watch report this morning regarding an incident of road rage. Seems a resident of Fairhaven was following a red Hyundai with a black spoiler on the peninsula heading south slowly and passed them. There was a girl driving with three guys and a pit bull in the car. They yelled and made obscene gestures at the guy when he passed them. The car that was passed followed the guy to his house in Fairhaven and the three guys brutally attacked the guy in his own driveway! Several Fairhaven residents witnessed the attack and followed the car as it left and parked in another place in Fairhaven. The Sheriff Department responded but the people denied involvement.

So now I wonder, why wasn't anyone arrested? And why do people have to be like this?


Anonymous said...

This is Sand Dweller business. No need to involve outsiders.

Anonymous said...

You people disgust me.