Friday, September 23, 2011

Marks cars from the past. Between Robin and I.

Marks Best Car Ranking & What Happened?

1. 90’ Ford Aerostar- Gave away to neighbors who had kids
2. 98’ Mercury Tracer- Gave to Charity
3. 2002 PT Cruiser- Still have at nearly 200,000 miles
4. 85’ Camaro- Well over 200,000 when I gave it to my brother
5. 70’ Mustang- I loved this car! Sold it while in college
6. 2002 Mustang- Kinda wish I had kept
7. 1995 BMW 325i- Keeps Knapek’s electrical in business
8. 76’Mazda 3XP- Drove it until it rusted out! This car had no high end I tell you!
9. 78’ Cordoba- Fine Corinthian leather, nice ride traded in
10. 70’ Dodge Charger- Never had issues with engine, just electrical stuff, sold for $150?
11. 85’ Corvette- Hassle getting in and out of, traded in
12. 65’ Ford Galaxy- Boring but dependable. Someone in the family ended up with it
13. 98’ Escort- Gave to Charity
14. 2006 Neon- Totaled. Son was ran into from behind.
15. 78’ Olds Delta 88- Sold for a few hundred
16. 74’ Monte Carlo- Traded in for TR-7
17. 63’ Nova- Fire engine Red, traded for 60’ Impala
18. 99’ Contour Traded in
19. 75’ TR-7- Fun car when it ran! Traded in
20. 60’ Impala- Fins and all! Traded for 66’ Impala
21. 66’ Impala- Bad wreck when Motor Mount broke. Totaled
22. 60’ Ford Ranchero- “The Rat Wagon” 177 engine and gutless
23. 70’ Pinto- Worked for work
24. 70’ Mazda 616- Robin’s first car
25. 75’ Audi- Gave away to neighbors in need for family

Not sure all the years correct but close. Didn’t make the list: 61’ Ford truck, 2-85’ Ford Rangers, 87’ Honda Accord, 85’ Buick Rivera, Olds Cutless, 89’ Lincoln Mark 7, 89’ Cadillac and others I am sure I forgot.


Jack Durham said...

I have a 1960 Ford Ranchero. I've spent most of my life driving either a VW Bug or a Toyota Corolla, so for me the Ranchero is peppy. Here are some photos from when I bought. It's been slightly upgraded since then.

samoasoftball said...

Wow. How many miles does that baby have on it?

Jack Durham said...

I have no idea. The odometer doesn't work. But it runs like a champ. I'm always checking the oil and water levels, but I rarely need to add anything. It has "three on the tree." There's a super low gear. Then a second gear that gets you up to 25 mph. After that you keep it in third. I punched it up to 83 mph once. I think it will go faster than that, but I don't trust the handling.

Andrew Bird said...

I got my first driving license at age 16 in 1973 driving a '63 Ford Falcon station wagon, which probably has the identical or very similar running gear as the Ranchero. It was a three on the tree also. No power steering, no power brakes, no power nothing.

Andrew Bird said...

By the way, I too owned a '70 Mustang with a 351 Cleveland. It was a coupe with an automatic. I sold it in the 1980s to finish college.

I've also owned two '66 Mustangs, both 6-cyl with 3 on the floor; a '68, 289 auto; and a '69 302 auto. And assorted MGs, a Sunbeam Alpine and 1964 Triumph TR4.

Those were the days in the '70s when you could buy these cars for a few hundred dollars, drive them for awhile, sell them, and move on to something else.

samoasoftball said...

Andy: My 70' Mustang had a 351 Windsor. I am jealous. The 68' 289 was hot! Robin loved the TR7.

rick mitchell said...

Wow what a list! My most Favorite was "The Rat Wagon" and Robins Mazda 616. Tons of memories,To many to list!!!

Ali munir said...

First of all, the ivic fuel efficiency is not going to harm your car if you buy one of these, a stock honda is almost invincible as far as the tune goes, my friend was running his teggy with a b18a1 at 22:1 b4 we got it on a dyno and saw it.