Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best fries around town?

Maybe not that important to most, but I want decent fries to augment my burger meal. Wendy's has been pushing new fries, so I had to try. Not to bad. But around Eureka I would have to say these places are best.

10.Jack in the Box-Do people in Eureka really eat at this one?
9. Fresh Freeze-If they are not limp.
8. Burger King-Not that bad if you use the onion dipping sauce.
7. Wendy's
6. AA-Steak sized.
5. Marina Cafe-Fish Fry.
4. Sizzler-With the all you can eat shrimp of course.
3. Lost Coast Brewery-Seasoned or plain.
2. Mike's Hamburger King- Garlic Fries. Grease and all!
1. McDonald's-Don't know what separates them, but they are the best.

And take notice. No Buffets mentioned!


Anonymous said...

What about Stars?

"Bob" said...

It's years since I've been to Mike's or Sizzler, but looking at the rest of the list, I believe Lost Coast is the only one that cuts their own - the rest use frozen fries, same with Stars. Correct me if I'm wrong. (And I'll go try them.)
That said, I like BK's thin salty fries. Didn't know about onion dipping sauce - is that for onion rings?
And regarding garlic fries - since when is throwing a pile of fresh chopped garlic on top of a basket of fries considered garlic fries. Yuck. Give me garlic salt any day.

Anonymous said...

Bob's Footlongs garlic fries - no contest. If your adventurous try the tartar sauce!

Anonymous said...

If you haven't tried the fries at the Zoo cafe, you really should.

Anonymous said...

The best fries are at my house. You are not invited.

Jim said...

The fries at Philly Cheese Steak are pretty darn good, and they may not be in Eureka but the Eel River Brewery has some really good fries too.

Anonymous said...

Richard should do a post on baby back ribs. I want my baby back baby back baby back

Eric V. Kirk said...

Well, maybe this thread goes with my 5 best Humboldt County sandwiches.