Monday, February 28, 2011

Humboldt State Basketball Coach Steve Kinder on the way out?

Really. What can Steve do for an encore? His team is ranked 3rd in the country with a 24-2 record. (Actually ranked Number 1 in one computer ranking poll.) They will probably win a few more and be considered one of the top HSU teams of all time!

I really feel that Steve should see if there is a chance for him to be considered for a Division 1 offer. This is not to dis on HSU. It is just that Kinder should maximize his potential and he is topped out here. I watched this team early in the season and just am blown away at how good they have become as the season has progressed. And the players that have been recruited in the past by Steve such as Mark White, Fred Hooks, Austin Nichols, Cy Vandermeer, Jeremiah Ward, Grayson Moyer, Devin Peal, Kevin Johnson and Zac Tiedeman speaks in volumes of his eye for top rated talent.

I have also played Adult Basketball against Kinder and he knows how to exploit a players weakness on the court. Oh, and this is not some ploy for me to get him to move away. I really like the guy and appreciate his willingness to show up to local High School games, even though there really isn't any local players that could compete on the HSU level.

Now CR on the other hand......they need to recruit Humboldt's best so we have something to watch out there.


Tapperass said...

When I was an undergraduate at HSU, Coach Kinder was an assistant, and had more hair!

He waited so long for his shot to be Head Coach. I agree with the notion that he should seriously consider offers from the bigger schools.

The only thing that could keep him here is a young family (little kids he may have), or he genuinely likes this area.

Anonymous said...

He needs a haircut .