Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fall River the McKinleyville of Shasta county?

Shasta County Planning Commissioners want to rezone areas of Burney, Cottonwood and Fall River Mills to create more high-density housing for very low-income families.

Residents in Fall River are up in arms over having low-income families and the perceived rise in crime. And the possibility of devaluing property values is a big concern. Residents were also concerned about little notification of the process.

There is a need for 970 low-income units to keep with updating Shasta Counties General plan. The county is about 800 units short.

Kinda sound familiar?


Anonymous said...

With Eureka's falling school enrollment, low income services being centered in Eureka, low income grocery stores centered in Eureka, etc. why isn't the zoning all aimed at Eureka? It makes no sense to place people far away from the services they will use. Even environmentalists should concede that point -- more people driving between cities to shop and receive services in Eureka.

Anonymous said...


Democrats Against Low Income Housing in Humboldt County?

Anonymous said...

Some of this could be resolved with low income housing in Samoa. Let the sandwellers deal with it. How about Blue Lake or Fieldbrook?