Thursday, May 13, 2010

Perch'n on the Peninsula! Results.

There were a total of 37 tournament participants of which only 9 returned by the deadline with fish, we had several more participants return without catching fish, approximately half of the participants did not return at all.

Two winners were awarded two $90 cash prizes to the two tournament winners.
-John Nicolini from Pacifica won the biggest fish category with a redtail surfperch measuring 15.2 inches.
-James Logan (13) of Orick won the largest limit of 3 category with a combined length of 41.9 Inches, James also caught the second largest fish.

Largest Fish INCHES
Placing name Fish 1 (in)
1 John Nicolini 15.2
2 James Logan 14.5
3 Conner & Logan Petiusita 14.2
4 Steve Harris 13.2
5 Marvin L Jones 13.0
6 Tracy McCormack 12.8
7 Gary Day 12.8
8 Marvin Jones Jr. 12.7
9 Tony Kurz 12.1

Largest Limit of 3 INCHES
Placing name Combined Length (in)
1 James Logan 41.9
2 Conner & Logan Petiusita 41.7
3 Marvin L Jones 38.5
4 Tracy McCormack 38.0
5 Marvin Jones Jr. 38.0
6 Steve Harris 36.5
7 Tony Kurz 35.7
8 Gary Day 34.6
9 John Nicolini 15.2

Thank You to all the Samoa Peninsula Fire District Volunteers who helped make the perch'n fundraiser a success!


jmc said...

That is equal to 26.675 feet of fish.

Anonymous said...

You have been awfully silent on the campaign season Richard. If you believe in Virginia, you sure aren't willing to step up to the plate for her here on the blogs. Very sad.

samoasoftball said...

I have been awfully silent? Depends who you talk to. Any time I post about the campaigns, I have many comments that I have to delete from anonymous commenters like yourself. Negative energy.

Our Bass campaign is not going to be won or lost on the blogs, we will win it on the streets. Our synergy is focused to end this June 8th.

Anonymous said...

Please approve my comment that I wrote on the page about Redsky Rojas