Sunday, May 23, 2010

Humboldt County Democrats host Chicken by the Sea!

And yes, we all got along fine. I know there is a perception out there that we are all split up and fractured, but all members were active and helpful for this event. Special Thanks to our Chair Milt Boyd and Chicken by the Sea co Chair Pam Cahill for a fantastic event. Hundreds of people from all parties came out and enjoyed the day. Fourth District Supervisorial candidates Virginia Bass and Bonnie Neely were both in attendance as were all DA candidates. 5th District Supervisor Democratic candidates Patrick Cleary and Patrick Higgins gave speeches. Virginia served food side by side Eureka City Councilman Larry Glass and Councilwoman Linda Atkin prepared food as she has done in the past for the Committee. Roger Smith led the BBQ Grill with his wife Patricia with Mike Finley and I helping get in the way. Charlene Cutler Ploss, Pam Service, Robin Marks, Isabella Phipps, James Topping, Julie Timmons, Andy Bird, Matt Owens, Brendan Wagner and many others I am sure I am overlooking. "It takes a village" to do this type of event and it did. HCDCC Treasurer Phillis Seawright was ill and could not attend but took care of the "behind the scenes" financial and organizational issues that have to be dealt with. Get well soon Phillis and great job by all!


Anonymous said...

Logo looks more like Hee-Haw to me

Anonymous said...

Hairy Nose , did it .

samoasoftball said...

It is a donkey with a target. Since that seems to be the case with the HCDCC. Yet everyone covets the endorsement and hundreds show up to our events.