Sunday, April 04, 2010

Robin on the ballot last for Humboldt County Democratic Central Commitee! How do they decide that anyways?

The way make the decision on what ballot designation, or where you are placed order wise on a ballot is called a "Random Alphabet Drawing." The Secretary of State does a drawing of the alphabet from 1. to 26. This year was 1. Y, 2. B, 3. N, 4. F, 5. T, 6. S, 7. W, 8. L, 9. P, 10. Z, 11. V, 12. X, 13. Q, 14. A, 15. I 16 O, 17. J, 18. R, 19. G, 20. D, 21. C, 22. U, 23. M, 24. K, 25. H, 26. E.

So in the county elections that are just by districts, the ballot orders are:

5th District Supervisor:

1. Ryan Sundberg
2. Jeff Lytle
3. Pat Cleary
4. Pat Higgins

4th District Supervisor:

1. Virginia Bass
2. Bonnie Neely
3. Jeff Leonard

4th District Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee:
(Voting for 4 out of the 5)
1. Bob Service
2. Pam Service
3. Charlene Cutler-Ploss
4. Richard Marks
5. Robin Marks

When you have 2 running with the last same name, the first name in the criteria.

In the County wide races, they do by supervisor districts and the order changes for each district.

Just in case you were wondering.


Anonymous said...

Richard, when is Virginia going to do her first debate? Anything discussed yet with the other candidates?

brian said...

anonymous 6:57 pm, Neely is to busy raising $ out of the area.

Anonymous said...

The Bonnie is having a fund raiser in Sacramento. Pretty weird but maybe not - for her. Is she not getting enough money here to fund her campaign?

Hope the Dem Committee do not support her over this one. This is a more than little over the top for me

mresquan said...

Bonnie is running a horrible,horrible campaign.She needs to get rid of anyone on her team who is advising the Sacramento fundraiser and the out of town donations.She is tanking her own run.

samoasoftball said...

mresquan-Obviously she has little support in the 4th District. She is hoping to "buy" the seat. The normal donations to Bonnies past campaigns seem to be lining up with Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard,

Is there a place I can go to read about Virginia's accomplishments as a Council member & Mayor? Website? Blog?

Anonymous said...

Richard, still looking for Virginia's resume somewhere. Didn't find much on her website. Any other sources?

Anonymous said...

Richard? Hello?

Anyone there to answer my question?