Friday, May 09, 2008

Weaverville Memorial Weekend Tournament May 24th and 25th.

You softballers out there be on alert! The Weaverville Memorial Weekend softball tournament is just around the corner, May 24th and 25th. If you are interested in putting a team in, call me or e-mail me. Even if you don't have a team but are interested in playing, give me a buzz.

This weekend is the start of the Blue Lake woodbat league. Games are played on Sundays if you want to stop on by to check it out.


Anonymous said...

The list and the lunatic

Greg Debacker is a lunatic and should go back to his own state .

Fred said...

There goes Jerry Droz again!

Probably too late now, but I was thinking I should of saved all the spam he's tried to post on my blog. Might make a fun news item should he decide to run for Mayor of Eureka again.