Tuesday, December 12, 2006

That Helicopter over head is not a good sign.

On my way to play basketball tonight at the Adorni, I noticed the Coast Guard Helicopter cruising the Samoa Shoreline. I hope they were not searching for a brave soul who decided to take a chance out there to crab. Thank God for our local Coast Guard. They have saved many people out there risking their lives to save others. They could have stopped by the Adorni and tried to help my team tonight. We were spanked all over the court and suffered a season ending loss. Oh well, there is always the open league.


Anonymous said...

I suspect the helicopter was searching for The City of Eureka's Lost Integrity. Also its Reverence for Democracy. Here's what I mean.

Mayor Bass tonight told the City that Elections don't bring forth "warm, fuzzy feelings." That's a good reason, said our new Mayor, not to hold an election, but instead allow the Mayor to choose whoever she wants for the Second Ward seat on the City Council.

She said that for anyone to reject her choice of a Council person for the 2nd Ward (instead of holding an election) it would be "inexcusable." It would also be "such nonsense."

Thus, the Bass Era of Good Feelings begins with the snuffing out of democracy because an election would cost too much.

Lady, my ancestors paid for that election with their blood on America's battlefields. How dare you NOT hold an election?

Councilman Leonard says democracy is about water meters, but he doesn't think democracy is about holding an election for the 2nd Ward seat on the Eureka City Council.

Councilman Jones seemed a little annoyed by what he called "the democracy thing." He also opposes giving Eurekans in Ward Two a chance to elect their City Council Member.

officer liles said...
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Greg said...

"Warm and Fuzzy"? Is that like "Fair and Balanced"? More misleading Orwellian language from the right?

I hope the mayor is right. It would be nice to feel warm and fuzzy. But I have known dozens of Eureka council members, and it would be a first, at least for me.

Anonymous said...

Appointments have been the trend for the last several vacancies. If things had gone your way 10:45, I suspect you'd be fine with it. And Greg, why do you even chime in on this? You've already said you'd appoint someone yourself, if you were in Virginia's position, and a "crony" of yours at that, do don't hold yourself out there as someone who would be creating warm and fuzzy feelings, when you'd be divisive.

Anonymous said...

Not that anyone cares about little life and death issues when they can use this space instead to showcase their political ignorance, but the Coast Guard was actually searching for a lost 7-year-old boy. Thanks for asking, Richard.

Anonymous said...

Like I've said before, Bass should have served the remaining two years of her term before running for another office. You signed up for the city council job, Virginia, and you should have finished it. You are just like a spoiled professional athelete that signs a long term contract and then wants to renegotiate because someone else signed a bigger contract. At least you don't get to vote anymore (except to break a tie).

samoasoftball said...

8:42-Thanks for answering my question. Thank God they found the child safe.

2:41am-Sorry, you crossed the line as far as imposters. I do not mind comments about officer Liles, but this was over the edge.

Nick Bravo said...

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on Harmony

samoasoftball said...

Nick: You make some pretty interesting observations. Yes, there are those who seem to understand the script of life and follow it along seamlessly and then others who do not confine themselves to straight paths. Does that make those people wrong? No, it just show diversity in each individual. We all go our own pace in this race called life, and all we can do is the best of our own abilities, and not become preoccupied how other people view our quest is being staged. It is afterall, the destiny of each person to follow their own path regardless of others input.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bravo,

wiener, whiner, waaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

I love you Richard, I always have. Its to bad things didnt work out before, I think my life would be diffrent, alot more happy. Maybe yours would be to? I dont know. All I know is I missed out on the greatest opportunity of my life to experience true love. A real man. Sometimes I just zone out during work, and Im thinking of you. I know I should stop, I want to stop, but I cant. Every day since then, basically. I hated you for a while, but it was because I love you so much. Coming here in a way brings me closer to you. I can imagine the two of us going out to eat at the buffet, or bird watching/saving, or sharing the times where life seems so cruel, together.

nickbravo1974 said...

I love you too Anon 12:54.

Anonymous said...

You were right about the Coast Guard being 'able' to save your team if they weren't otherwise engaged Richard. Those guys kick ass in baseball, football, shotput-probably tiddywinks too!

Anonymous said...

Richard – I meant to email you earlier to let you know I'd be interviewing some Coasties today on KSLG regarding search-and-rescue, ocean safety, etc. Hopefully it'll be archived on the KSLG website or otherwise available – if you're interested. They were great!

samoasoftball said...

Jennifer: Thanks for the heads up, and by the way, I heard you on K-Slug the other day! I listen to that station for music.

Anonymous said...