Saturday, June 27, 2020

Humboldt COVID numbers don't look so good anymore. Should we put step on brake or gas pedal?

As of 6/26/20 Cases by Contact        74 or 57.36%
By Travel                                            27 or 20.93%
Community                                        23 or 17.83%
Under Investigation                             5 or 3.88%
Total Tested                                         10,526
Total Tested Positive                           1.23%

Humboldt's Past Guidelines by the Center of Disease Control to move to new phases was 1 positive case per day for every 10,000 people. 

So that target for Humboldt would be 13.6 cases for a two week period.

Humboldt has had 23 cases the last 14 days. That means we should not be phasing in new activities but either slowing down or stopping the phase in process. 


Julie Timmons said...

Absolutely right !

Carey from Humboldt CA said...

I think we should stay in the phase were in, but not go further until the numbers go down. I think what's really important is to wear our masks and practice good hygiene because there are people now traveling and coming into the area so they could definitely bring it in. If it looks like we're getting more cases then we might have to go back to a lower level, but so far it doesn't look that way. Nine of those cases were from a grow in Southern Humboldt.

John said...

Rather than a knee jerk reaction to the number of 23 cases I would like to see more information.

We already know that none of the 23 were serious enough to warrant hospitalization but how serious were they ? If the 23 had mild or no symptoms then it is a whole lot less alarming than if they were seriously ill and bed ridden.

That should determine whether we slow down the reopening and put people back to work or not.