Saturday, February 01, 2020

Best CR Basketball Team of All Time? Maybe. 15 all time CR players.

This is a weird CR Basketball team led by first year coach Ryan Bisio. They have 4 Freshman starters from last year's Fortuna Huskies squad with Sophomore Thomas Nelson filling out the starting lineup from Arcata High. All of the starters can handle the ball and shoot three pointers. Zach Claus has great court vision and is a very dependable point guard. They seem to have problems closing defensively down low, and lack a serious low post game. They play a kind of a lackadaisical controlled chaos type of ball. Very enjoyable to watch.   

Only two players off the bench play significant time, Freshmen Isaac Puzz and Anthony Stubbs from McKinleyville. Puzz is shooting nearly 47% from 3 point land and plays high energy. Stubbs was trying to be a post up target to no avail. Nice to see so many locals.

This team has a chance to go 22-4 going into the playoffs! Good to see big crowds at the CR gym. Easy to get in and out of.

Isaac Puzz

Top Local CR Basketball players of all time: 

15. Tim Pratt (EHS)
14. Justin Claus (Fortuna)
13. Bryce Rose (EHS)
12. Colt Matthews (EHS)
11. Jeff Nielsen (EHS)
10. Blaine Lopez (DN)
9. Rich Spinas (EHS)
8. Dave Norton (EHS)
7. Marcus Price (EHS)
6. Kevin Krause (SB)
5. Drew Gillette (Fortuna)
4. Mike Peterson (EHS)
3. Zach Barnes (SB)
2. James Slade (Ferndale)
1. Issac Gildea (McKinleyville) 

Comments? Anyone you could think of to add? 


HDN Fan said...

Leon Kynard-one of the best players ever to play at CR should definitely be on this list as should Ryan Riewerts of Hoops/arcata

Humboldt40 said...

Tay Tay Spears

samoasoftball said...

HDN: Kynard was not local. He was a great player. I have been hammered for not including Ryan Riewarts and I agree that was a grievous omission on my part. There are others I am sure.

Ryan Riewerts said...
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Ryan Riewerts said...
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Andy said...

Hash Bros. Best bro combo.