Sunday, June 16, 2019

Humboldt Rockets helps Babes Pizza! Then gets put in place!

The Babes Pizza North Western championship team was trailing in the Northwestern 63 and over softball league to a Grants Pass team that was 10-0 and facing my 0-10 Humboldt Rocket team. We had many close games but were just coming up short. Humboldt Rockets coach Dave Lonn had a pre game speech where he said he would rather lose than not play, but he would prefer that we not make mental mistakes and play our best game. And we responded with a 17-15 win over the undefeated Grants Pass team! Then we beat the Desert Dawgs from Bend Oregon for our second straight win. We played Babes Sunday morning and they took us out 17-2. Ouch. For our team Dave Lonn only made 1 out in 5 games. Scott Wooley and Jeff Powers only made 2 outs. Larry Kuwahara hit well. Babes players, Jay Jones, Dave Denoma, Barry Oliver, Mickey Ayala (5 putouts at pitcher), Dennis Costa, George Lorentzen did good. It was nice to see Jack Nash, Jack Eldridge and others. 

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