Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Best Eggs Benedict in Eureka.

Sometimes I like good Eggs Benedict for breakfast. There are very limited places to get a decent order here in the Eureka area. So I will rate the best so you don’t get too disappointed. Here goes:

5. Golden Harvest Cafe: They will ask you if you want to substitute a biscuit for the muffins. Don't be tempted. Neither one is that great. Not the worst, but not the best. Top 5 barely. 

4.  The Chalet: If you are all set on the one in Cutten, be sure they are open. We have seen staffing problems there. Kind of inconsistent. Service is usually good.

3. Kristina's: One of my favorite breakfast spots. Had Prime Rib and eggs on Monday for $9.95. That was awesome. Their Eggs Benedict are good, not great. But the seasoned potatoes makes this meal worth it. 

2. The Cafenooner: Is consistently good no matter what you order up. I always seem to want whatever I see on someone else's plate. The Eggs Benedict are good but not good enough to be the best.

1. The Greene Lily: Best Eggs Benedict in Eureka hands down. Not even close. Great service and Robin would say they have the best cooked omelets. So why are you waiting? Go get some breakfast! 


Hank Sims said...

No Gil's means this is FAKE NEWS.

samoasoftball said...

Gil's is in King Salmon.

Anonymous said...

pantry in eureka

Anonymous said...

Now if the Greene Lily ever heated there dining area I'd go back; icy cold in there sometimes

Fogbound said...

Now if they heated their dining area I might go back; icy cold at times there

John Fullerton said...

I tried the Green Lily for the first time a few weeks ago.

I was blown away by how good their breakfast was !!

Eric V. Kirk said...

Is Gil's considered Eureka? Because their crab benedict is incredible.