Wednesday, January 31, 2018

California Dredging issues addressed at CMANC.

I went to a California Maritime Affairs and Navigation Conference meeting in Los Angeles recently to talk about dredging issues. I am a director on CMANC and here was a quick synapse on what happened there:

Humboldt Harbor main channels are on schedule to dredged from May 20th to June 10th by the Army Corp of Engineers. It is estimated that 600,000 cubic yards will be moved by hopper dredge. Only the Channel Islands, San Francisco Harbor, and Oakland Harbor are scheduled for more. 

"Sea Level Rise" has now been replaced by" Sea Level Change" as the politically correct designation since lands in Alaska are rising and lands in New Orleans are sinking. Discussion was had about "Graceful Failure or retreat." 

Dredge Spoils is also on the way out. A 3,000 cubic yard "Strategic Placement of materials with Beneficial Reuse" components on pilot project using tides, spraying methods and other state of the art type processes is in the works. Maybe Moffett field on SF Bay.

Lt. General Todd Semonite of the Army Corp of Engineers gave an impassioned speech about  the Corps commitment to follow through on projects. I had a chance to talk to him and he was attentive.  

Smaller Marina in North San Diego has a cooper paint abatement project ongoing. Cooper is being replaced by new paints. This could have a dramatic affect in Humboldt. It is coming in the future.

Keith Merkel updated the Eel Grass conundrum. The concerns and issues are state wide. Humboldt has more Eel grass than all of the other harbors in California. Might be why we are the only "High Health" certified bay in California.  

Small East Harbor Marina in SF has 300 core samples checking for contaminants. 1 million dollars in costs. They may close the marina and that would eliminate about 300 boat slips.  

Superfund Maintenance Dredging the Willamette in 9.1 mile stretch on city front of Portland has a current price tag of 1 Billion dollars.

New Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District Executive Director Larry Oetker was able to spend quality time with other ports to hear issues and figure how they could apply to solution for Humboldt. Dredging is definitely on the forefront for the Harbor District.  

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