Sunday, November 26, 2017

Five Burger Franchises Humboldt needs.

5. Farmer Boys: Also makes a great breakfast. You have to drive to Lodi if you want to experience some great burgers and ridiculous onion rings.
4. Arctic Circle: Yes. I know we used to have one. And the experience was so bad for the franchise they exclude all of California for expansion. I guess we will never find out what is in their "Special Sauce." Closest place to have one of their mushroom burgers or taco salads is in Newport, Oregon.
3. Habit Burger: Great Burgers, Grilled Sandwiches and Shakes. Closest one is in Redding.
2. Five Guys: Great big burgers and sometimes big lines. Many will argue that this is the best. Redding is home of the closest.
1. In n Out Burger: I am sorry that not everyone agrees, but I would guess that 80% of Humboldt residents prefer In n Out as their go to burger place when out of town. Ukiah is the closest to get your animal on.

Yes. I know we have many great local burger places in Humboldt and I will re-visit my top 5 soon.


Rusty to said...

Red Robin's Monster Burger smoked them all even Reddings Bartels Giant Burger. Alas corporate idiots at Red Robin changed the menu and ruined the monster burger.

Julie Timmons said...

The only In'n'Out I ever tried was in Sacramento;. Not impressed. For me, none of your picks lives up to Toni's or Stars.

Eric V. Kirk said...

I love In N Out, but I don't want one here. I would go too often. It's a nice treat when I travel south.