Monday, May 22, 2017

Democrats Divided. "Demexiting" continues.

This Chronicle article says it all and it is not good for the Democratic Party. I attended this years California Convention as a delegate for the HCDCC and what I witnessed does not bode well for the party. The old line Democrats seemed stunned that their ways and thoughts have been challenged by the "Berniecrats" or new free thinking young Democrats. Until this "chasm" is addressed, Democrats will further be marginalized even though a record number delegates were at this years Democratic Convention in Sacramento. The split is real and hard feeling are not going away soon.

Outgoing Chair John Burton was as classless as ever with his f-bombs and flipping the finger to everybody that wouldn't agree with his way. His leadership was a joke in a time of Democratic peril. That old guard needs to let go. But it won't happen anytime soon.


Julie Timmons said...

Thanks for the report. Burton never had any class.

Anonymous said...

That's in Hum Co too... saw your local Dem. Chairman at a meeting, the man would not shut up. The local people at the meeting sat dumbfounded as he hogged every discussion and chewed up a two hour meeting before the election with useless information about his life before Humboldt and about all the people who weren't in the room.

Get a grip people, you want to win elections, your Chairman can't be doing nothing, and talking about nothing non-stop.