Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Best Eureka Burger Redux. Mike's slips into first!

In my past posts on best burgers in Eureka, Mike's had always come close but never garnering the #1 burger position. I have been craving their burgers for months now and set them on the pedestal.

5. Surfside Burger Shack (Eureka)- I do think they need to put up a corn fed beef option. Just buy those pre-made up from Costco or something. 

4. AA Bar and Grill-Has the best consistent Burger you will find with old time bar type atmosphere.

3. Cafe Nooner- Great service and great burgers. Buns are a little chewy sometimes.
2. 6th and E CafeWhere else is there a line of people waiting to be seated for burgers at lunch? Go have a burger on Tuesday half price day!  

1. Mike's (Eureka)-Don't talk politics in here and you will do well. Great greasy garlic fries. They made # 1! 


Hank Sims said...

You're insane. Honor Mike's for their fries, by all means, but the burger is a sideshow.

Surfside #1.

Julie Timmons said...

I like Mike's because they remind me of Tommy's-type burgers in LA but AA has the best burger.

Russ in California said...

all very subjective but...

#1 (imho) Tonis hands down.

have to try surfside again. only been once.
Mike's burgers were, well, meh.
like I said, subjective.

Anonymous said...

Shave before going into mikes or else you get fed amazingly old crap made the mistake of going their twice I live in arcata I'm a local I make sure to inform any visitor not to shop their I'm even a Republican they give Humboldt a bad name just think they give eureka a bad name

John Fullerton said...

Mike's burger may not be the best by itself but it is the perfect compliment to the best garlic fries in the world. Any other burger in town would be a distraction so yes, Mike's burger is my favorite also.