Friday, January 27, 2017

Broadband Fiber Optic Cable coming to Marine Terminal II.

Lots of rumors flying about Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District's agreement with Inyo Networks to bring broadband cable over 299 and out the outfall pipe at the old pulp mill site. Lost Coast Outpost did a couple of stories and then people started chiming in with poor information. No, this is not the project that came across RREDC a few years ago with the project using highway 36. This will not limit rural communities along 299 but will include Weaverville, Willow Creek, Hoopa and other small communities north of 299/101. There will be the opportunity for Humboldt businesses and the public to actualize better internet service. This is a good thing not bad.


Michelle said...

When is this supposed to be here in Humboldt County? Our Internet sucks here on School Road in McKinleyville, California

Varun Reddy said...

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Jaw Long said...

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