Friday, November 11, 2016

Marks family helps lead Trump to office?

I was doing voting inventory on my Mother and Father's children and came up with some eye opening observations or speculation. My siblings voted 4-4 for Trump and Hillary. Their spouses voted 5-2 for Trump. My sons, nieces and nephews voted 9-7 for Hillary. So overall my immediate family voted 16-15 for Donald Trump.  And of those, the ones with the most money voted for Trump and the ones with the least voted for Hillary. How did your family vote overall?


Julie Timmons said...

If anyone in my extended family of about 15 voted for Trump, they're not admitting it.

Anonymous said...

One thing Dad always said was don't say how you voted. Dad grew up in the 1930s, and you could be blacklisted or blackballed at the time if you voted the 'wrong' way. So I still keep my voting to myself per his advice. Not my opinions necessarily, but certainly my voting preferences.

Things are different nowadays and one doesn't have to look over their shoulder anymore, which is a good thing.

Mr. Trump was swept in by a wave of voters wanting a refreshing change from business as usual. I hope he can deliver on 'draining the swamp' but I have my doubts that he'll faithfully want to deliver on that, and 'establishment' GOP politicians will go along with it. A system of big money, big politicians, big government, and their big lobbyists are too pervasive and entrenched to change. And all that Donald Trump really cares about is Donald Trump, charismatically lying and manipulating the public to reach the top, and being quite happy about the thought of it all.

Fred Mangels said...

No doubt in my mind my brother and sister both voted for Clinton. I should disown them.