Monday, February 01, 2016

Musings on Sports

With baseball right around the corner, basketball near the All Star break and the Super bowl 50 this weekend, let me share:

I hope the Giants keep Tim Lincecum  is kept for the bullpen.  Hopeful lineup order: 1. Span 2. Panik 3. Posey  4. Belt 5. Pence 6. Crawford 7. Duffy 8. Pagan. The starting pitching should be great! I hope the A’s stay competitive all year long.

The Warriors are just totally ridiculous. 44-4? Would not have predicted that. Stephen Curry MVP? More like Draymond Green. But if Klay Thompson keeps on the streak he has been on, look out! LeBron James needs to accept his role in the Firing of Blatt. His likability is fading fast.

Is football still going? I am hoping Payton gets another ring for his great goodbye. Cam Newton looks like he will win a few himself. Let him do it next year. I hope Chip Kelly lights a fire under Kaepernick and the Niners fix the offensive line. 

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