Monday, August 10, 2015

Tax for what? You have got to be kidding me!

Wow. Out of nowhere I received this tax bill from Humboldt County for "Possessory Interest." Mad River Softball Association is being taxed for renting the softball fields from the City of Arcata on a arbitrary scale of the value of the fields to the tune of $32,645! No one was able to explain how they came up with that number or why we have never been billed in the past!

I am going to fill out paperwork to the Board of Equalization asking for a exemption for a non profit. In the mean time I was told to pay the bill until the process moves forward. WITH WHAT? The league is already on a shoestring budget. My whine for the day tastes bitter.


Anonymous said...

I, too, would wonder why they are taxing you rather than charging a usage fee, but the actual amount of the tax is $355.50. When I first read it I thought it was for $32K.

Julie Timmons said...

We feel your pain.

Liberal Man On Bike said...

Hilarious! Oops Richard.

Just couldn't wait to jump on board with the anti-taxers. Looking forward to a mea-culpa or will this just disappear.

I won't bet on the latter. You have proven yourself to have too much integrity for that.

samoasoftball said...

LMOB: Yes, I will pay it. Don't have to like it and just want explained why in easy terms. The word "Possessory" isn't even a word!