Monday, July 13, 2015

Samoa face lift on the way! Sandwellers rejoice!

The town of Samoa master plan has has a few new quirks added to the project since the original idea in 2002 when two local families of Dan Johnson and Lane Devries purchased the town. One of the new items that was kind of a surprise is the selling off of the parcels not expected to be in the mix. "Everything will be parceled, and everything will be sold." So The Cookhouse, Samoa Gym and the Samoa Block may have separate investors.

The Town might end up part of a Community Service District annexing with Fairhaven and Finn Town through the Samoa Peninsula Fire District. That has been a hot button topic on the Peninsula since I was a Director on the board a few years back. If there is much opposition to the formation of the CSD, the town will form a Homeowners Association.

Robin and I have lived in Samoa for 35 years. Watched much happen in the town and anxiously awaiting positive movement to this process. It is beautiful out here. I can walk out my front door and see the ocean and the bay! Where else can you get that?

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Julie Timmons said...

Good luck over there.