Saturday, May 16, 2015

Harbor Fork Lift swiped! $1,000 reward for it's return! Damn thieves!

Whoever is the culprit knew alot about this subject. They had to break through 3 locks leading into the Redwood Dock Warehouse below the Cookhouse. They were cognisant of the camera positions and went through the back Warehouse gate. Most likely they used a truck and trailer. Help us find and receive a thousand buck! What is becoming of this county!


Julie Timmons said...

Damn thieives is right.

Liberal Man On Bike said...

Any possibility, ANY, that the change in this county is fueled, partially by our local politician's embrace of an illegal trade?

Think about it, we are in effect rewarding those who got their beaks wet before things were legal. We are encouraging and rewarding illegal behavior.

What is becoming of this county, indeed.