Thursday, April 09, 2015

CCVH: Love us or hate us we get stuff done!

While still moving forward on a sensible Cannabis Land use ordinance for Humboldt County, the CCVH crew has been busy raising funds for possible signature collection if we use the Initiative process of moving forward. But how can you marginalize an organization that is on the front page of the Mad River Union concerning possible Cannabis industrial park in Arcata, and at the same time on the front page of  the Time Standard and feature story on KIEM Channel 3 reporting that two members of the California Tax Board, Fiona Ma and George Runner and their staff were escorted by CCVH to Cannabis farms with the  Drug Policy Alliance (Who are creating the statewide ballot Initiative for the state in 2016) and participated in groundbreaking dialogue about how to create revenue from Cannabis.

Things are happening so quickly and the non-profit CCVH board has worked so hard to get us where we, as representatives of the Small Cannabis Farmers, are being listened to by the major policy creators. I have taken some criticism in my role as Executive Director of this organization, but I am so proud of the accomplishments so far and people can not ignore the fact of many farmers are already getting permits that will help the environment. And who can argue that?  


Liberal Man On Bike said...

Any reaction to the awesome Dan Ehresman article from the TS or the Letters to the Editor that followed it such as "Growers and lab-runners wrecking our lands' from 3/29
Nancy Roybal, Oroville or"Brave, bold words on pot’s effect on county "
Laura Madjedi, Kneeland or "We have met the enemy, and it is us: County gone to pot" by Peter Pennekamp.

Can you help us understand why you would not stick your head out for something you believed in - something closer to a "B" GPU when your candidate of choice was promoting something closer to a "C" (or I'd argue "D") but all of a sudden you've decided to throw everything behind a movement and a culture that has not been a part of your life?

Is it at least possible that consciously or unconsciously you know which side of the bread is buttered?

Also, could you post links on CCVH addressing MJ in HC in the context of our debilitating drought?

People can not ignore the fact of many farmers are already getting permits that will help the environment. And who can argue that?

Me, and I'm assuming many others, possibly those listed above.

Anonymous said...

Why not address Jon's comments Richard?