Saturday, March 21, 2015

What's in a Nickname? Do you have any?

Most people I know have some sort of nickname that people bestow on them and some are funny. I have had a few placed on me over the years. Here are some and there history.

"Tooter": My oldest sister Kathy was said to be the first to start using this name on me. Don't know why. But it stuck to me to the point that all of my family and all who knew me (even teachers!) used this name exclusively. Most my immediate family still use this to this day! When we moved to Myrtletown when I was 11 years of age and I went to Lafayette school I purposely told everyone my name was "Richard". No more "Tooter the Turtle has lost his girdle!"

"Pooh Bear": Rick Mitchell was to blame for this. I was then 12. Some bastardisation of his walking around saying "I don't Care Bear!" and stolen by the Sugar Pops Bear. Still have some old timers from Myrtletown call me this. Makes me smile to this day.

"Dick": My co-worker Cap from Duck's market started calling me this for a few years. Luckily it did not catch on.

"Awesome": Brenda Hogan my co-worker at Louisiana Pacific came up with this. I think it was because I used the phrase alot in the early 80's. It held for a nearly a decade.

"Skid or Skidney": My workout partner and co-conspirator Ron Conley branded me with this. Married to "Stretch" of course. Came up with some great quotes for my 1998 Supervisor campaign; "You always get, what you always got, when you keep voting for the same old lot!"

Miscellaneous: "Mad Bomber" for basketball. "1978 Home Run Champ!" (It never happened but younger players in tournaments joke about this for the last 15 years at least.) And many derogatory names I won't mention.


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LJ(OB) said...

PiNO? (Progressive)

So this isn't censored as 'childish' let me add some evidence...

Richard'slist of endorsements...Ryan Sundberg, Virginia Bass (who when free off 2.11.d endorsed Mike and Chet, mike Newnan (2010), Rex Bohn, etc?

Fred Mangels said...

Many years ago as a young teenager in Irvine, I was given the nickname "Blue" by other kids because I always seemed to be wearing blue. Not something I planned, but I just always seemed to wear a blue t- shirt and levis.