Thursday, December 11, 2014

Damn EPD! $1 a minute kind of excessive! B & B yanked on Peninsula. Rainy days suck!

I was talking to a client at my office at the Prosperity and I knew the time was getting close but I had to let them finish at their pace. When I went out to my truck, here was there to greet me. So for 42 minutes I have to pay $38 dollars. Almost a dollar a minute! That is San Francisco prices!

The B & B that has been placed by the Harbor District has had to be removed until we consult with our legal counsel on its status. There has been complaints by locals over escalation of nefarious crime type activity since we have supplied a place to poop.

And that almost ends today's rant. I will do the rest off line.


skips said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year?

Liberal Jon said...

Richard Marks the victim. This is your politics Richard, just fyi.

Here is the EPD as bad guy scorecard.

EPD kills civilian on his own property while searching in the victim's neighborhood for someone else. EPD will argue it is justifiable, but can it ever be justified?

Posts on behalf of unequal and unconscionable injustice for Eureka's population: 0

EPD gives well deserved ticket to Richard for an admitted infraction.

Posts on samoasoftball victimization: 1

You are a winner again Richard! Huzzah! You ARE good at politics!

Happy Holidays Richard. Let me know if you want any help paying the bill - I'm happy too as a Christmas present. I would have thought that the Weed Inc. money should have been able to help with that.

Ross Rowley said...

Richard, they've really started ticketing around 6th and E since the news station has started up and an increase of cars are being parked around the station and your office. The meter lady warned us it would become well patrolled starting after the first of the year.

Jon, your snappish and acidic commentary filled with bilous rancor is delightful to read. It's akin to listening to the dulcet harmonies of a 70's pop song. "Sky rockets in flight...Afternoon delight" Come on everyone, join in!

liberal jon said...

Ross, thanks.

But you have to admit it's a fascinating window into our politics to have a local elected Democratic official comment bitterly about a fine he earned while not once mentioning one of a string of deaths of Eureka residents by the same department.

Or not.

Also, A+ for word usage. Seriously, I love and encourage this. To review

Snappish: irritable and curt
acidic: sharp-tasting or sour.
bilous: spiteful; bad-tempered.
rancor: bitterness or resentfulness, especially when long-standing.

Ross - I am irritated over Richard's me-first Democratic politics and what they have meant for our GPU. I don't think I'm spiteful, but am often angry, and reading this post, despite agreeing with RM's motives on the B&B, helped bring focus to why I'm angry this type of Richard-Marks-stylized-Democratic-value.

This is a value that is moderate in the sense that it can ignore the greatest issues of our time and thus ignore beginning to solve them, in lieu of petty grievances or personal gain.

And as far as being spiteful or resentful over time, I'm sure you are aware of Richard's history with the HCDCC. If you are not belowis an article about it*. Because of Richard "Fulcrum" Marks, we've silenced Eureka's Democratic voice for the past 6 years.* Thankfully, with Virginia having left the HCDCC, we are beginning to right the ship.

Ross, did you happen to notice who Virginia supported this election cycle for the Eureka City Council? I did. Do you think her "D" was chosen for political convenience or for principle?

-Jon Yalcinkaya

I will say this Ross and Richard. It never ceases to amaze me that Richard does post what I write. I keep thinking, there is no way he will post this - but he does. Kudos RM! And seriously - let me know if you want me to pay that ticket for you.

BTW, Ross, what do you think about a local ABC affiliate coming to town? Whats the politics and business going on behind that move? I for one am stoked.


samoasoftball said...

Jon: Thanks for the offer, but I paid the fine already.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

You stated: "BTW, Ross, what do you think about a local ABC affiliate coming to town? Whats the politics and business going on behind that move? I for one am stoked."

Actually, there has been a local ABC affiliate in Eureka since the late 1960's. KVIQ was a CBS/ABC affiliate producing a local news program through the 1980's and in the 1990's KAEF produced a news program tied to the ABC Network before finally closing the news department in the early 2000's. The new Northcoast News has been airing since November 17th with locally produced news content by a staff of 8 people, none with any local political ties. Bonten Media owns the television station and doesn't have a political motive for producing a local news. But, as for a business move, yes, of course! They also locally manage the Fox affiliate KBVU and broadcast a 10pm news on Channel 28.1. Yes, Fox, the home of the Simpsons, NFL Football and....oh, yeah...Rupert Murdock. Oh, I see the connection it.

liberal jon said...

"none with any local political ties."

What does this even mean?

When I wrote "politics and business" maybe I should have written What's the politics of the economics behind that move.

ie, is Ross happy about this or would he rather keep his monopoly? I'd doubt he'd welcome the competition.

Anon. More power to FOX. There is absolutely nothing we should do as a society to shut them down, except to point out how foolish they are. Something Stephen Colbert has done absolutely wonderfully, btw.(last night tonight! :( )

But one should be cognizant of Rupert Murdock's politics. He shapes countries with them and I was in England when he began to do this there and have been here as he has worked to shape primarily media and secondarily politics as he sees fit.

I will leave the local media criticism to others because I no longer watch TV and have never been able to watch local news - even in the Bay Area where production values are acceptable. Paper, digital, and even radio are preferable in my view if time and efficiency are a concern to the consumer.

Having said all of that, I'm really pleased that one of the eight employees saw fit to stop by HCDCC HQ last month and I wish them well. Just as I wish Ross well. For those that do consume local news, competition is sure to be a good thing, b/c from what I've seen our local broadcast TV news could use a little help.

Sincere thanks anon for the info. I may have missed it, but I hadn't seen the new affiliate's arrival mentioned much in the other media, but I guess that only makes sense.