Saturday, April 12, 2014

I am in an unhealthy relationship! My cohabitant is Diabetes.

I was diagnosed years ago and tried to ignore the fact and hope it just went away. But after running blood sugars of 300 after a night of fasting, it was taking a toll on my body and my eyesight. I tried dieting and abstaining from beer and I have never been much of a sweets or soda type person. I went from 250lbs to 197.5lbs (A recent weigh in.) So now I am a slave of the needle.

Things I hate and diabetes observations:

I have type 2 diabetes. So much of this problem is from the man in the mirror.
If you consistently run over 200 blood sugars there is nothing you can naturally do to bring it down. Oh they say exercise and drink lots of water. Tried it and that does little. You will need to do insulin.

Metformin sucks! Tears your insides up. I take 200 mgs of these horse pills a day and then it can send me to the bathroom stalls for a bit. One of my health care providers said it was a miracle type drug and should be added to our public drinking supply like fluoride. I really don’t think our sewage systems could take that!  

Poking yourself with needles is an everyday inconvenience. Today I poked myself to test my blood and couldn’t stop bleeding. Finally had to put on band aid.

I must have 10 years of lancets around the house. Do people really change their blood plungers that often? I don’t.

Some times when I shoot my insulin injection it hurts like hell. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt at all. I haven’t asked anyone if they use their pen needles more than once. I am tempted but I am sure that would probably hurt more.

The Lantus Pen is a very easy to use injection tool. And I hate it to death!

I can eat all the bad crap I want and now crave sweets and the other day I had a 115 blood sugar count. And I haven’t had over 200 for months now.  Go figure. I should have started using the needle years ago.  


Anonymous said...

Diabetes sucks, no doubt about it. Been dealing with it with a family member, so I totally understand where you're coming from.

I'm not so sure about "I can eat all the bad crap I want." I'm pretty sure your doctor would disagree.

In the case of my family member, she kind of reacted that way when she finally went on insulin after several years of trying to manage without (and eventually no longer able to, even with a very restricted diet.

Suddenly it was like "great, now I can eat lots of sugars and starches again and it doesn't matter anymore." Well that led to higher and higher doses of insulin over time, and big swings up and down. Which led to complications of its own. So...use moderation. Yes, you can enjoy some of those foods, but basically you should still restrict your intake of carbohydrates, especially refined sugar. At least that's my understanding of it.

Julie Timmons said...

Richard, so sorry to hear what you're having to deal with , but if anyone can handle it, you can, big guy. Our thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever entertained the thought of a pump I wouldn't have it any other way

Anonymous said...

Have you ever entertained the thought of a pump I wouldn't have it any other way