Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Eureka one of the most dangerous places to live in the United States. 98% of cities safer!

With the recent murder of Father Eric Freed of the St Bernard’s, maybe it is time to remind people in Humboldt County that Eureka is one of the most dangerous places to live in California for many years. According to Home Surfer nearly 95% of all other cities in California are safer!

Here are some references to check out:

According to Neighborhood Scout, 98% of the cities in the United States are safer than Eureka!  

Here is more information that will blow your mind from City Data. 156 sex offenders live in Eureka!

Check the crime index per year! According to  Eureka ranks  451 out of 464 cities in California in safety!

In 2006 we were above the US national average for every type crime identified! This problem has been around for quite a while. This according to Eureka Area Connect.

Just more and more statistics verifying crime in Eureka from Area Vibes. The chances of being a victim of a crime in Eureka is 1 in 16!

The crime rate City of Eureka is over 113% higher than the National average and has been consistently almost double the State and National average since 1999 according to City Ratings Crime Statistics!

And there is much more information available. What is the solution? Hopefully the hiring of Andy Mills will help some, but give him prayers for help.   



Charlie Bean said...

"Hopefully the hiring of Andy Mills will help some, but give him prayers for help."

The hiring of chief Mills is a small effort towards crime prevention and education. We have a small Law Enforcement force and more than an increase in sales tax is needed to fund it; grants received need to provide more than Officers receiving over-time, grants need to cover support and improved service and protection opportunities.

The various Communities within the City Boundaries need to step up and provide knowledge of what is happening in various neighborhoods. The neighborhoods need to be the eyes of the small Law Enforcement we have, as the small Law Enforcement needs to respond to minor complaints in a timely manner; but still the community needs to be patient and realize they can prevent some of the crimes by stopping and questioning strangers in their neighborhood.

New Police Chief is a small step, but more is needed by the community!

Anonymous said...

I call bullsh*t.

Anonymous said...

How did Eureka achieve this distinction, and what can be done to change it?

Anonymous said...

These facts, unfortunately are true. I have high hopes for Chief Mills, and with electing a new District Attorney.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully nobody will steal the wieners.

Joe Blow said...

If the new police chief intends to perpetuate Murl Harpham's legacy, then we can all expect matters to get worse.

Anonymous said...

Not sure prayers will help this time. Maybe it's time for action to make a community safer.

Leadership? Where are you?

skips said...

Something needs to change.

The crime stats for Eureka are bad. Very bad. The reasons are varied and many.

We have a small law enforcement staff, though? EPD has 100 sworn employees for a less than 15-mile square area. The top 10 officers make over $90K+ a year. Eureka also has the agreed upon assistance of the HCSO, CHP, Humboldt Bay Fire,FBI, Probation and Parole Departments in the city limits.

An overcrowded jail doesn't help matters, either. But let's take a closer look.

Mr. Bullock, the alleged suspect in the Rev. Freed's slaying, was released on OR (own recognizance)only a few hours before Freed's murder. Unbelievably, EPD was called back to contact him again due to his erratic behavior and Bullock was merely referred to the Rescue Mission.

One of the more astute and rarely mentioned important points to consider is this: Mr. Bullock was placed on a three-year term of probation back in April for cocaine possession. When orginally brought to the jail hours before the alleged slaying, he should have been placed on a 'Probation Hold' until the Probation Department or District Attorney's Office could properly assess his situation.

That's the whole idea behind the 'community safety' thing and this process properly supercedes jail overcrowding issue in such circumstances. Once Bullock's second law enforcement contact was made, he certainly should have returned to the jail so his situation could be looked into further by his probation officer. He was clearly-- twice-- in violation of the terms of his probation.

Mr. Bullock, despite his felony probation status, surprisingly wasn't held whatsoever. More unbelievably, he was released out of the jail-- kicked out the door and onto the street-- without assessment or any supervision whatsoever at 12:43 in the morning.

This probation/supervision point hasn't been brought up or known, and it does warrant further scrutiny and investigation because similar incidents like this have been happening routinely.

I can only wonder if things would have turned out differently if the process in place that was supposed to have happened, happened. I believe it would have. But Probation Officers don't like to work after 5pm or on the holidays-- and the jail finds it far too easy to release those in custody as long as nothing bad happens.

In this case, though, it did; and I hope the Grand Jury or the Superior Court will look into the circumstances as to why it did.

Anonymous said...

Thanks skip. But seriously, who in power really cares what the grand jury recommends? They are regularily ignored by the BOS. Good luck with that

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that if you live in an economic base that is drugs, legalized or not, then of corse you will have all kinds of problems...

So, lets forget about the new Police Chief saving us, and come to the grips that i f you promote a drug--all will follow. So, how far will they follow to get that drug they really need, now that it is so available---that is the question we need to ask our selves........

Anonymous said...

Here's my take. 1-lack of living wage jobs ( sawmills pulp mills logging 2 drug industry that attracts criminals( not talking about subsistence growers) 3 a totally inept DA who has single handedly run thr DAs office into the ground. These things have been going on for the last 10 or 20 years.4 Then add to it "realignment" which is nothing more than throwing the problem back to the counties with lack of funding to deal with it. What have we learned? Apparently nothing, we keep sending the same inept legislators back time after time sometimes to different offices thanks to term limits.

Anonymous said...

I live in arcata but im always in eureka and this is true. Cops here are effin useless, jails are overcrowded, and people are getting killed, raped or drugged.. (idc if its in the wrong order)

Anonymous said...

Wow… do Eureka cops really make $90K a year (and this is what you get for it)? Who the heck's in charge of the purse strings?!!