Thursday, September 05, 2013

State of Jefferson coming our way?

The state of Jefferson is a great discussion subject and has a bit of romantic fantasy, but is this practical? I get a felling this subject matter will come to Humboldt in the near future since Siskiyou County has voted for secession from California due to their perception of non representation at the State government level. Don't know how I feel about that.


Anonymous said...

We will take your lead bullets up here in Jefferson Territory [not shotgun pellet over water however... those are dry land only]

Anonymous said...

Richard, you know this is a waste of time. The Feds are not going to change the balance of power in the US Senate by creating another state. Stir people up for a real reason. Pick one (hint: it won't be secession, or naming the airport).

Julie Timmons said...

I know how I feel about it. It's stupid. I'd love to eject Siskiyou County and its denizens from California but it's not practical for a lot of reasons.

samoasoftball said...

Been getting some nasty comments that I will not approve or post. Sorry. If you post with your real identity I might reconsider.

EllinB said...

Compare and contrast

It would be an economic disadvantage to Humboldt County to form political alliance with Siskiyou.

democratic Jon said...

A: No.

Anonymous said...

i live just south of you folks and i do support this , the feds have alot of incentive to make it happen do a little research there has been several liberal groups pushing for several new states, 2009 ish.

there are many good thinks that could come from the opening up of the free market , no system in history as risen more out of poverty
then the free market system however when you have the governments boot on your neck it makes that impossible,
which is why its time to dumb Sacramento,
doubt what i am saying try starting a business