Tuesday, November 27, 2012

IHHS workers denied what is due! County liable. Give them a raise!

Charges filed by Public Employees Relations Board? Yes. Against the county for unfair labor practices by not bargaining in good faith. And not only has the county ignored an independent "Fact Finding" report that shows they can afford to give the 1,400 workers a raise under current fiscal climate,   Humboldt County will receive a refund check in the amount of $164,726.37 due to an increase in federal funding known as the Community First Choice Option. The money is there, the excuses are getting weaker.


Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

Hmmm, Pro hard workers, but anti union scumsuckers.

IHSS workers should get $2 per hour more, not $1.50.

Administrators should be fired and newbies hired at lower wages and benefits.

Elected Officials are "screwing the pooch" on this issue, especially when they are overpaid to "screw the dog pound"!

At $2 per hour x 8 hours per day x 5 days a week = $80 per week, $320 per month and $3840 per year. If costs are being propped-up by government scams, but worker wages remain "kicked down", then that wide gap that eliminates "The American Dream" only gets wider. America is fallen and can't get-up! Life-alert!!!!! - HOJ

Anonymous said...

This is truly a sight to behold. Eventually, we are going to be back at the point of having State Hospitals warehousing the old and infirmed so that the State can get more money from the Feds and act like they are doing them a favor. The only thing that will fix this is when people quit working for such a nonsensical wage but that is easier said than done. I wish the people that make these decisions could spend a week doing what the typical IHSS worker does. Of course, there are families and others scamming the system but that can be fixed if the will were there.

Anonymous said...

Zzzzzzz. Wake me up when this blog comes back to life.

Julie Timmons said...

It takes a lot for PERB to bring a ULP charge. This should have much wider publicity.