Saturday, April 14, 2012

Big League Dreams in Humboldt County?

New ball fields in Eureka? In the early stages, but BLD's is putting together a proposal for Eureka. The BLD in Redding has 5 all weather artificial turfed baseball/softball fields, soccer fields, roller hockey, beach volleyball, basketball, batting cages, walking trail, playground, arcade, bar and grill and so much more. Shasta county has around 177,000 population and Humboldt 135,000 so maybe a BLD lite will do. So all you ball players from ages 5 to 100 get ready to lobby hard if we get a chance!


Anonymous said...

Where'd u get the info?!! Soooooo many teams/schools have been clamoring for this for years!! General plan meeting?

Anonymous said...

Would be interested to know where you heard that. Redding, CA has an agreement with BLD USA where no park can be built within 140 miles of redding, which includes Eureka.

Anonymous said...

Eureka is actually 147.8 miles from redding Google it if you dont believe me