Monday, February 27, 2012

With these Presidential candidates, there is little "Hope" for unions.

And yes, that includes Obama. Remember when he promised to push for the Employee Free Choice Act? Didn't happen. But he is a much better choice than Romney who is public with his wars on unions and love of "right to work" legislation. And Santorum is just wacky, besides his not liking public sector unions.

Currently, less than 12% of the American workforce is represented by a union. Unions represent less than 7% of the private sector workers. And only about 3% of those are in sales. That is around half that was represented by unions in the 80's. Union workers make nearly $5 an hour more than non-union workers! That is over $10,000 a year folks! United we bargain divided we beg has never been so clear as now.  

In the 90's there nearly 1,000 manufacturing jobs on the Samoa Peninsula and most were union! Now there are very few union jobs and hardly any manufacturing jobs. People usually lay blame for the demise of American Manufacturing to union greed, but I see it as Corporate greed as they reported 2 Trillion dollars in profit in the 3rd quarter! And those aren't American jobs in many cases. Of every dollar of income earned in the US in the 3rd Quarter, just 44 cents went to workers wages and salaries. The smallest amount since 1947!

Just sad what is happening to our working class. When will it turn back around?

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Anonymous said...

You got that right, Richard. Gotta bust the unions so the corporate moneybags can make even more money. Pretty much everything the right-wing nutjobs want to cut (healthcare, education, etc.) will make the corporations richer than ever. I wish these right-wingers would realize what they’re voting for. Good luck unions.