Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where or where is a decent Prime Rib in Eureka!

I have brought this up before, but all I get is suggestions for steak places that do not serve prime rib dinners. Here are my suggestions, but there might be more out there.

5. Pantry-Are they still serving?
4. Sizzler-Is, well, a Sizzler.
3. Adels-Inconsistent is their only downfall.
2. Sea Grill-Wonderful Salad bar to boot!
1. Oberon in Old Town-I had a great dinner experience and was wowed that I had not tried this place before. Awesome Prime Rib.

I know there are other places in the county like Bear River, Curly's and Blue Lake, but you shouldn't have to travel so far.


Ryan Burns said...

Shamus T Bones is comin'.

The Editors said...

OH's...No, wait...Dennis & Geri's....No...hmmmm, Michael's Steaks and 4....damn.....Boy, oh boy.....

You nailed it.

Anonymous said...

AA rocks

skippy said...

Take a look at the picture here of the Oberon. See anything unusual? Take a closer look. Look in the upper section-- at the ceiling.

That multi-globed chandelier is a rare bird of the finest order. It was made in San Francisco in the 1870s. Originally gas lit and converted to electricity many years back, it was covered up and forgotten long ago only to be recently 'discovered' during the owner's painstaking renovation-- perhaps hidden under a previous false ceiling. After some headache problem solving and uncovering Herculean knots of a wiring fiasco, this rare chandelier was brought back to life through some dedicated and concerted efforts long after it lit up the original Oberon establishment sometime before the turn of the century. This chandelier may be one of only a few still in existence in the world.

Oh yeah, that's right. Prime Rib. Skippy loves prime rib. Well done, butt cut, slightly singed and heavily well-seasoned on the edges. Yours truly is awaiting the suggestions of others for the local Holy Grail of this fatty goodness.

mresquan said...

Yep.The AA.

Anonymous said...

AA does not serve Prime rib.

Eel River Ernie said...

The Ivanhoe in Ferndale serves a fine prime rib.

Anonymous said...

Restaurant at Red Lion Hotel.

samoasoftball said...

Is the Red Lion Prime Rib good? Does Carter House serve Prime Rib? Anywhere else in Eureka I am missing? Help me identify all! Maybe Babetta's needs to cook some up!

skippy said...

If Richard will allow me, I’ll tease this prime thread out for a rib longer.

From the Oberon Grill website:

The Oberon Grill has a full bar and mouthwatering steaks, 3 cuts available nightly, with Prime Rib specials Fridays and Saturdays.

We open early for breakfast, and serve breakfast from 8 o’clock in the morning until 2 o’clock in the afternoon, for any late brunch or breakfaster. Lunch is served from 11 until 5, and dinner is served from 5 until 9, and 10 on Fridays and Saturdays.”

Yours truly likes a late afternoon breakfast on occasion. Judging from the amount of customers they serve, the big ‘O’ is doing well.

Skippy was told that Nick, Oberon’s chef, has a special relationship with the prime rib in particular:

Nick finds the best cuts of roasts and dry-rubs them the day before with a unique mixture of 3 different sea salts, including a rare pink variety, and a mixture of fresh herbs infused into the meat bringing out the full flavor of each cut. Nick has had years of experience finding just the right touch and ingredients for a proper prime rib,” skippy was duly informed.

Yours truly has also been informed the Oberon hides a secret prohibition stash place for alcohol from the 1930s on the premises-- outwitting the Feds on their routine inspection trips from San Francisco after being tipped off by local informants at the train station. Local folklore also mentions the existence of ‘secret tunnels’ underneath the Oberon and Old Town itself.

Our own local historian, the illustriously informed Ray Hillman, relates this little known pearl of history regarding the Oberon, originally built in 1878:

In 1910, author Jack London was visiting the Oberon Saloon. London loved waterfront districts and the characters that frequented them. London and Stanwood Murphy, owner of the Pacific Lumber Company, had a political argument. A fight ensued and ‘they fought it out... and were taken to the hospital pretty banged up.’ A letter written in 1966 tells the story by a person who witnessed the fight, Eureka resident W.J. ‘Hap' Waters.

Waters wrote that London, ‘a confirmed Socialist,’ and Murphy, ‘a conservative Republican,’ met in the Oberon in the spring of 1910.

'They argued over politics and they started throwing punches,' Waters wrote. 'The bartenders locked the doors and they fought for over an hour... After the fight they were both in the hospital licking their wounds. It happened on a warm Saturday evening of 1910. I was there.'

The letter goes on to say that this incident was never published in the newspapers because of the 'popularity and prestige of both gentlemen... Only those present were privileged to see the fight of the century. There was no radio or TV, the fight between Jack London and Stanwood Murphy at the Oberon was a hush-hush affair.

The Oberon is a much tamer establishment these days-- where one can enjoy the prime rib and a cool drink in an atmosphere where cooler heads now prevail.

While you’re there, take in Hap’s letter on the Oberon wall describing the historic London/Murphy bout-- along with the rare chandelier hanging on the ceiling above.

samoasoftball said...

The Oberon it is!

Eric V. Kirk said...

With OH's closed, my favorite prime rib (haven't tried Oberon's or the Sea Grill's) is the Cutten Inn's. But I believe it's only available on weekends.