Sunday, April 24, 2011

"He is risen!" But why all the paganism?

I was surprised to see that both the Times Standard and the San Francisco Chronicle had no reference on their front pages about today being recognized as Easter. Whatever your beliefs are, this is still primarily a Christian Country. 76% of the country claims to be Christian so you would think there would be more made of the day. Anyways, Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

What does not acknowledging Easter have to do with paganism?

I get that Easter used to be a month on the Germanic calendar named after the goddess Ä’ostre of Anglo-Saxon pagans. So, really, not recognizing Easter could be perceived as anti-Pagan as well.

I suspect you're confusing paganism with atheism. Atheists don't believe in gods (or goddesses), and usually don't believe in other supernatural phenomena.

What would you like to see on the front pages of the Times-Standard?


Subhead: People who don't normally attend church show up today

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the people who complained when Google changed its website title graphic for Earth Day instead of Good Friday. And, gasp, the logo is the normal one on Easter Sunday. Don't we all want our search engines to be saved?

Rose said...

It's pretty bizarre, Richard.

Anonymous said...

This is a HOLY DAY in the name of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST who came back to life on this day after having been tortured to death on the cross of the unbelievers. To MANY OF US this was one of the purest gifts ever bestowed by God upon undeserving people. Now, it is ONLY THROUGH JESUS that you WILL EVER find eternal salvation.

Get with the program. Get with Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jesus loves us, that's why we must follow him under threat of eternal damnation. Obey your overlord or you shall suffer.

Sorry, such a god is sadistic and immoral, not worthy of my worship.

Anonymous said...

That would really help newspaper sales if they placed unremarkable holidays on their front pages. Thanks for the hot tip, Richard.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Richard.

Its interesting all the idiots on Hblog that had all the spare time on Sunday to run their mouths. Only the lonely.

Anonymous said...

Easter was a Pagan goddess? That's Irrelephant!

Do Christians consume a lot of aspirin? Because just watching you converse makes my brain hurt.