Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top 10 Word's Phrases that need to be retired today!

10. "So…"(starting a sentence with)

9. "Get over it."

8. "Irregardless"

7. "Know what I’m Saying?" (Or See)

6. "Ya think?" (Or ya know?)

5. "I’m just saying"

4. "It is what it is"

3. "With that being said..."

2. "24/7"

1. "Been there done that!"

Which words or phrases get on your nerves?


Anonymous said...

Know what I’m Saying

Anonymous said...

I think I use all of them. But then, I'm an annoying person. What can I say?

Maybe it's a gen-x thing.

Rose said...

"At the end of the day..."
"To be perfectly honest..."

real democrat said...

Yesterday I was a Republican but today I'm a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

For you Richard, it's "I think I'll have seconds"

samoasoftball said...

"I'll drink to that!"

Kristabel said...

My bad.
"Yummy" to describe anything other than food or sex.

Anonymous said...

I am supporting Ms. Brady because I cannot stand Larry Glass. Where I call into question your judgment Richard is the fact that you stood next to Nick Bravo during the kickoff event. Wow. Way to have Ms. Brady's back. You may have been the only blogger at that event, who had any idea that this guy will eventually ruin her campaign. Way to look out for your candidate.

Anonymous said...

No problem. Get in the hole (golf).

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for having me." (Every person interviewed on TV news MUST say these boring words before their news segment ends!)

David S said...

Hows about this one,,,,,
"Top 10 Word's Phrases that need to be retired today!"


Chris Crawford said...

"No problem," especially as a substitute for "you're welcome."

Ernie Branscomb said...

"Having said that" makes me nuts!

Anonymous said...

In Samoa the phrases that need to be retired are:

"I'm pregnant"

"what's that bail bonds guys phone number?"

"Honey, what did you do with my meth?"

"Are any of the cars in your yard for sale?"

Anonymous said...

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)


BRB (Be Right Back)


You might live in Samoa if...

Someone asks to borrow your girlfriend, sister and daughter for a little while?
(There is one woman standing there)

Your neighbor says, "Dude, Taco Bell is not the phone company for all the illegal Mexicans working at Sun Valley."

Your home still has the wheels attached.

You think PBR is a micro-brew.

You still have the same boat on your front lawn for the past 10 years.

You keep all your couches outside on the front porch.

The taillight covers or car windows are made of plastic and tape.

You keep your Christmas lights up year round.

Your woman is loaded (in more than one way).

You think a "sit down meal" is gourmet.

You think "quality time" is a 6-pack and the TV remote... and your woman agrees.

Some of the cars parked on your front lawn actually run.

You pay for your tattoos on the installment plan with your pawn shop earnings.

You think a Volvo is part of a woman's anatomy.

Your daddy's current wife was your girlfriend in high school.

You spent more on your pickup truck than your education.

Rambo said...

Someone has been listening to their Jeff Foxworthy 8 tracks again

Anonymous said...

That shit's the bomb!

Spare change?

Ding dong.

Anonymous said...

ahhahahahaha Samoa is a town full of losers and trash. It is a big dumpster by the ocean. It is where the trash piles up. Hahaha

Eric Kirk said...

"No problem," especially as a substitute for "you're welcome."

In my high school it was down to "no prob."

I think the term today is "no worries."

But the one that gets me these days is people saying "yeah, yeah" instead of just "yeah."

Anonymous said...

Organic garden.

Plain old garden will do.

Anonymous said...

Good to go

Well then get going -- where?

Anonymous said...

They're all cliches, people! Cliches!

They lull us into being part of the great unthinking human herd!

Once the powers-that-be have dumbed down our language, they'll dumb down our knowledge of American History.

Before you know it, freedom will be just another word for something Janis Joplin used to sing about.