Thursday, February 11, 2010

Home Run basher George McGraw passes.

George V McGraw "Uncle" George was born March 27th 1952 in Lemon Grove, San Diego and died suddenly at his home with his wife by his side February 7th 2010. Uncle is survived by his wife Monica and his two best friends and co-conspirators Martha and Margaret. Uncle was everything to George & Francine, Matthew and Lauren. Not a Christmas passed without his stocking hand outs and absurd gift giving. George had three families, the Barattis, Sears and the Babe's softball team, or as I called it, the cult. George moved to Humboldt County from San Diego in 1973 to work with the Humboldt State Baseball program. George started working at Sears where he met many customers and co-workers. So many have called to express their sadness at his passing. George touched so many lives in such a positive way. In 1982 George married Monica Baratti in their backyward. They were married July 16th 1983 because that was the only weekend that didn't have a softball tournament. They were married by the Haps Dogs manager, Lou. George's other family was his softball team's New York life, Loleta meat market, Mad Max, Hapsdogs and "Babes". George was so happy playing ball especially those tournaments in Chico and Redding. George leaves behind a broken hearted wife and a large extended family; Martha & Dave, Margaret & Bill, George, Franny, Matt, Lauren, John & Bonnie, Erin, Caroline, Stephanie, Hillary, Joe, Johnny, Father in law John Baratti and last but not least his best friend of 40 years Dave Frazer whom he considered his brother. In lieu of flowers please make a contribution to your local Little League Team.

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