Saturday, January 09, 2010

Pulp Mill Stuff.

Freshwater Tissue Co. said it has abandoned an offer to liquidate the Samoa pulp mill and is instead pursuing funding and permitting to reopen the closed plant by July 1.

Company President Bob Simpson informed the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District this week that it would accept a counteroffer by the district to supply water to the mill for 10 years, with a five-year fixed-price agreement. Simpson also said that he has reached option agreements to buy wood chips -- the raw material in making pulp --from suppliers.

”We're pursuing funding to operate the mill,” Simpson said.

I am sure hopeful Bob is sucessful and is able to put hundreds of people to work!


jmc said...

Have you gotten any ideas of what happened to the Pulp Mill after the earthquake?

samoasoftball said...

I haven't heard any thing yet.

David S said...

Would;nt that be great?,,, Bob gets the funding to open the mill.
Mother nature nocks it down .
My life I guess ! LOL

Anonymous said...


The pulp mill didn't suffer any structural damage. We had water pipe leaks in the bleach room, shelves tipped over like dominos in the Store room, ceiling tiles fell in the office.

The high winds after the earthquake blew siding off of the south side of the machine room. We should have the siding replaced within a few weeks.

Glen Vickers is coming in to take a look at putting the Stores inventory back in place.

You are always welcome to come in for a look around.

My regards to AWPPW employees.

Bob Simpson

samoasoftball said...

Thanks Bob, I have had people calling me and asking just that.

karin said...

Likely they will negotiate a "sweetheart deal" for water and we will wind up subsidizing the mill's water supply (again).

Anonymous said...

He can go for funding all he wants and it will be tied to starting up date. He'll never get the permits he needs in time to satisfy the investors - if he gets them at all.

This will be yet another excercise where he will get to play 'Poor Bob': "nobody will help me, blah, blah, blah."