Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Working Class Marks for 4th District Demo Central Committee! Bogus Demo Bashing by Anti-Inclusion HCDCC members!

Sometimes politics just suck. The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) is supposed to promote democrats that want to run for public office and nurture their campaigns. I joined this committee in the 90’s and worked at just that, helping Democrats.  Phone banking, precinct captain, registration drives, tabled fairs, fund raising and all things Democrat. I went to work for the Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers for a 5 year term to organize workers and help them actualize a living wage and was highly successful at that. I came back to Humboldt and ran for county Supervisor and could not get the “new” HCDCC endorsement. The new members did not endorse the only Democrat in the race but individually 17 out of the 23 HCDCC endorsed a Republican and created a Political Action Committee named Democrats for Neely that was chaired by local Democratic “Carl Rove” type Greg Conners. I cried foul and was called a whiner.  I was challenged to join the committee and change them from the inside. So I did join and was the top vote getter in subsequent election cycles. I resigned under ugly circumstances after a mob gathering organized by Larry Glass complained about my involvement in helping lifelong Democrat Marian Brady unseat Larry for Eureka City Council. I was actually bullied to resign. I recently decided that was not the way I wanted to go out, so I am expressing my Democratic right to run for a seat on the Central Committee.

I am a Lifelong Liberal Working Class Democrat.  I am antiwar, pro-gay, pro-choice, pro worker and have proven that on many marches and rallies.
Now my Complaint. Three of the people that are running for the 4th District HCDCC seats are passing out literature that claims they are the only Democrats with “Democratic Values” and claim that their party is in danger of being taken over by “Pseudo-Democrats” that support “Privileged over People” and endorse and work for “Republican-Like candidates.”
Aren’t the Democrats supposed to be all about inclusion? And before you point out the stick in the other 5 candidates’ eyes, shouldn’t you pull the stake out of your own?  I really hope these 3 unnamed candidates lose.  


Anonymous said...

I'm not in your district, but am a Democrat and would appreciate reading any anti-Democratic Party literature being distributed by local Democrats. Scan and post it all online, please. If one of them gets elected, I'd like to know who I'm really dealing with... the wolf in sheep's clothing.

I worked on one Democratic campaign where a contingent of Democrats worked to (but failed to) sink the endorsement of 2 Democrats because this gang within the larger group wanted to elect a non-Democrat (and it wasn't that Neely business you mentioned). There are some downright unsavory people who attend central committee meetings.

Anonymous said...

Rather than bitch and whine about each other, let's get some positions out there in the open Richard. I appreciate your anti war, pro gay, pro choice, pro worker positions. How about some even closer to home:

1. Do you agree with the supervisors decision to place a curfew on the Occupy protestors?

2. Do you agree with Dave Tyson's decision to remove Gar Neilson from his position of EPD Chief?

3. Do you support single family residences on TPZ property without any conditions?

4. Do you support subdividing of TPZ parcels? If so, what minimum sized lot would you support?

5. Do you believe that the security national balloon track cleanup plan is acceptable?

6. Do you approve of either the new Walmart or Home Depot big box stores proposed on Broadway?

Thanks Richard. I'll see if I can get some answers from the other candidates too.

Anonymous said...

8:38pm-Great questions. These should be on the forefront of any debate. I will answer soon. Your name?

Anonymous said...


You were serving on the Executive Committee of the Central Committee, yet working against a candidate the Central Committee had endorsed, is that right?

It didn't bother me that you were supporting Marian, a Democrat. What bothered me and others on the Committee was your working on the campaigns of two Republicans, Jager and Newman, against two Democrats, LaVallee and Kuhnel, who were associate members of the Central Committee and had the Committee's endorsement. That was the sin that prompted a very moderate member of the Committee to make a motion to accept your offer to resign.

Yes, I know Newman re-registered from Republican to decline to state the day before he filed his candidacy papers, but that make him no less a Republican, the party he admitted he had been a life long member of.

Anonymous said...

Jager is a dem.

Anonymous said...

What the frack? Frank Jager is Republican. Richard will confirm that. I respect Frank for staying true to himself and not doing the phony baloney stunt of changing from Reep to DTS like Newman and Bohn.

Brian Connors said...

But it's OK for the Bon Bon? Right Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

I could care less what party each of our local reps iare registered to, I just want to know where they stand on the issues, including the controversial ones listed above.

Anonymous said...

this is funny.

Rose said...

And only ONE person above has the guts to sign their comment.

The local HCDCC operates more like a political PAC, and emphatically does NOT support lifelong democrats running for office. Which should be their one and only purpose.

No matter what party you are, party Central Committees are there to support that party's candidates, end of story. LIKE them or not. Prefer them or not. Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, Peace and Freedom, Independent or Natural Law - it doesn't matter.

That's all that matters, anonymous. Whether or not one supports being able to build a house is a question for other bodies. Whether or not you would personally vote for a particular candidate is not relevant.

Anonymous said...

Rose woke up on the wrong side of the bed again.

Seems to happen fairly often these days. Must have something to do with an African American in the White House.

Today, she seems very concerned about local neighborhood watch programs, and how they will no longer be allowed to murder innocent neighbors.

Anonymous said...

You might also ask about the Central Committee sandbagging Stephen Davies, an environmental quality attorney and Democrat, in favor of Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, a lifelong Green Party operative.

Anonymous said...

(That was for the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District race in 2008.)

Anonymous said...

Here's a nice comment from Rose's blog post this morning

"Murder seems to be inappropriate here. Manslaughter, I could understand, but not murder. Regardless of the outcome, he's already tried and convicted and has to hide for the rest of his life. If he goes to jail, he'll probably be killed by black Muslims or some other nasty black supremacy group. If he is acquitted, then he'll be in hiding for the rest of his life. Considering the black supremacist in the White House and in charge of the DOJ, he won't get any help from them."

Rose said...

That's right anonymous. Some people are not happy to see the Lynch Mob in action. Some people actually think it is irresponsible of a sitting President to weigh in on a case where the investigation is not fully complete, facts have not fully known, charges not filed, evidence not presented, trial not held and where a jury has not rendered a verdict. Some people actually think the Attorney General (and The President) ought to do something about the Black Panthers posting a Dead or Alive bounty. They have a right to that opinion.

I'm sorry that that upsets you. You'd probably be happier reading SoHum Parlance, and you're way off topic here.

Anonymous said...

"black supremacist in the White House"


Rose said...

It wasn't my comment, 'anonymous.' As you well know.

Are you the same anonymous who likes to post the "c" word over an over and over again?

Why not just say who you are if you feel so strongly?