Thursday, April 19, 2012

Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) Hall of Shame!
Just pondering the HCDCC non endorsement of Estelle Fennell last week. 4 years ago Estelle was endorsed and given the HCDCC blessing. What has she done the last 4 years to offend local Democrats? Nothing. Last month the HCDCC gave Mark Lovelace a well-deserved unanimous endorsement. Cheryl Seidner was not present and was given an endorsement without so much as one question asked to her directly. Then she was a no show for the next meeting.  The HCDCC gave her their blessing without even knowing her platform! (Cheryl should have been given this endorsement on the fact that she is the only Democrat in the 1st District willing to run.) I just think it was bad practice to judge Estelle so harshly based on the messed up General Plan and her involvement with HumCPR.
Past Democrats who have been denied the HCDCC endorsement :
1.       Jill Duffy: Won 5th District Supervisor seat.

2.       Virginia Bass: Won 4th District Supervisor seat.

3.       Richard Marks for 4th District Supervisor: Sitting Harbor Commissioner.

4.       Estelle Fennell for 2nd District Supervisor: TBD

5.       Pat Higgins for 5th District Supervisor: Sitting Harbor Commissioner.

6.       Worth Dikeman, Paul Hagen, Kathleen Bryson and Allison Jackson for District Attorney: Really started the bad precedent of endorsing one Democrat over another.

7.       Mari Wilson: won County Assessor seat.

8.       Mary Beth Wolford: Former Eureka City Councilperson.

9.       Jeff Leonard: 2 term Eureka City Councilperson.

10.   Marian Brady: Won Eureka City Council race.

11.   Mark Wheetley: Won Arcata City Council race.

12.   Roy Curless: Won Harbor District race. (Note: Kind of funny really. Roy was the Chair of the HCDCC in the 60’s!)

13.   Dan Hauser: 14 year Assemblyman for the 1st District! Lifelong Liberal!

14.   Charles Ollivier: Lost Harbor District race.

15.   Dan Collen: Sitting Northern Humboldt Union High School District Trusteee.

16.   Mike Pigg: Sitting Northern Humboldt Union High School District Trusteee.
The above Democrats have over 400 years’ combined experience as Democrats! Not good enough for this HCDCC!
Now here is the list of Democrats found worthy of being endorsed by the HCDCC and lost!
1.      Bonnie Neely: Only a Democrat for a short time, but embraced as champion for the progressives. A Republican for many years. The only race she ever lost was as a Democrat.

2.      Patrick Cleary:  First foray into politics. Was a great candidate and came up just short.

3.      Estelle Fennell: She had the problem of people on the HCDCC running her opponents campaign!

4.      Pat Higgins: Did not give Pat the resources to unseat Jill Geist.

5.      Peter LeValley: Lost mayor race twice. Neither time was he given the resources to run viable campaigns. True progressive. Made bad alliances.

6.      Nan Abrams: Where was the help from the HCDCC?

7.      Ron Kuhnel: Ran for Eureka City Council 2 times. Great Candidate who lacked resources from HCDCC. Knee injury may have cost him this last race. (Limited his walking which he was doing really well.)

8.      Charlene Cutler-Ploss: Lost to Jeff Leonard for Eureka City Council.

9.      Larry Glass: He was a huge front runner that lost to new comer. Terrible campaign.

10.  George Clark: Bonnie Neely was campaign chair.

11.  Jon Brooks: Another time and place, he might have been Assessor.  
Please, no haters. Just observations from the political peanut gallery! I find it kind of funny that my readership triples everytime the subject is the HCDCC. People are curious how this organization works. You have to agree there is some heavy disconnects. Really it is about partisan politics splitting hairs. All of the above have the same basic core social values held by all Democrats. Just saying.      


Anonymous said...

Richard, has Estelle come forward and given her position on TPZ property, and whether she believes a residence can be built unconditionally? Subdividing TPZ? What about the general plan? These are by far the most important questions for the candidates for Supervisor this fall.

If she would answer these questions honestly, with answers that generally follow the popular local democratic positions, then there is zero excuse for the board not endorsing Estelle.

On the other hand, if the board asked her to state her opinion, and she either declined or answered with an opinion that was not consistent with the popular democratic opinion, then I feel they have every reason to not endorse.

Being registered democrat doesn't mean much unless you generally agree with the principles. Doesn't mean you have to follow them verbatim. But if you're touting the conservation platform, then you should register Republican. Especially for the key issues this election year.

Just my opinion of course


Anonymous said...

Hey, C'mon . Tra ( AKA ; Heraldo )should be on this list, too . He's made some great contributions in, Humboldt and i congratulate him .

Anonymous said...

In fact, Tra is better than most of these politicians
( probally a lot smarter, too ) .

Julie Timmons said...

Agree the Committee should be able to support local Dem candidates more substantially but it takes $$$, which the GOP has more of. Everyone buy tickets to Chicken-by-the-Sea, June 3 at the Wharfinger. It will be quite a party, coming three days before the primary. See Humboldt Democrats website for info and to purchase tix.

Eric Kirk said...

Well, again, I don't believe that party membership alone should qualify one for an endorsement, and I actually think that they should be allowed to endorse a non-party member over a party member if the non-party member meets the criteria for a platform. But I confess that I don't know what the criteria is, and it definitely shouldn't be arbitrary.

Isn't Mari Wilson a Republican? That's what I was told during the race, but I don't know.

Also, Dan Hauser was running against Mike Wilson, who is also a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Eric, Mari Wilson WAS a Democrat but got so fed up with all the political nonsense that she proudly changed to Decline to State. Good for her. Our local party is totally nuts and out of control. They have lost any sense of democratic principals and are simply a power hungry mob. Real Humboldt Democrats should vote the the bums out.

samoasoftball said...

Eric: Here is the HCDCC endorsement procedure:

Mari was a Democrat and she was denied endorsement. She left the party after her experience with the HCDCC. I wish she would have stayed a Democrat and help try to become part of the solution. She is not the only one who left the party after bad treatment. There should be room for all types of Democrats. Not just the far left.

I just do not feel the HCDCC should endorse one Dem over another.

Eric Kirk said...

Well, those rules don't set up any criteria for endorsement, only the process.

Anyway, I disagree that they should not be endorsing one Democrat over another. I think they should be allowed to endorse someone from another party over a Democrat, even a Republican. Endorsements are about values and political positions, not what box you check when you register.

Just my opinion anyway. I'm a Democrat but I don't really think much about it. It's just the only realistic vehicle for progressive politics, and if it isn't about that, I don't care much about the endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Richard, the idea you promote is that political endorsements should be based on a person having been obedient and loyal for many years while patiently 'waiting their turn' for promotion.

That might be a good policy in for giving longevity raises for positions where punctuality, following procedure, and deference to authority is most important.

Your idea is terrible policy for selecting leaders. Especially in a changing environment that requires a lot of decisions to be made despite a lot of uncertainty. The kind of person you would endorse is more apt to take orders from more powerful people, as they always have throughout their career.

Rose said...

The voters pick the favorites, and the winners. Central Committees should be supporting their party's candidates, period. Not crossing party lines, not acting like a PAC, not furthering the personal agendas of the asst. committee members.

Committee members are free to endorse and support candidates on a personal level, but not as representatives of the group.

It's not rocket science.

Eric Kirk said...

Well, that's one view. But they are political parties in my view, and they should be promoting a political agenda, not a popularity contest or a rubber stamp.

Should the Republican Central Committee have endorsed Carlos Quilez when he ran for Harbor Commission against Roy Curliss? They didn't, even though Curliss is a Democrat. Carlos was and is a Republican. I didn't hear a lot of screaming about that at the time.

Anonymous said...

Can HCDCC remain relevant while alienating so many Democrats? You'd think their recent track record of having so many of their annointed ones trounced would be a wake-up call.

Anonymous said...

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